Grace’s Blog: Week Five

Well, I’m back! This week was shorter than last, my first day back was today, but it was a very productive day. I’ll tell you about my vacation, then I’ll jump into the work stuff.

Last week my family and I, traveled to New York for my graduation gift. While some people may say that the country or beach is more beautiful, the overall vibe of New York was the best. I guess I am a true city girl. But while there, it seems like we fit a lifetime of activities into 7 days, my favorite part was either Harlem or Coney Island. The best word I can describe it as is magical. I’ll definitely be going back, maybe sooner than expected.

Now back to reality, my first day back has been filled with laughs, frustration, and creativity. The work Zoe had done on our website got deleted, so we literally started from scratch today, but I must say it was fun. We definitely have a lot more work to do, but I have faith that the website will look great.


Goals for next week:

Finish the main content of the website, and start beautifying.

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