Grace’s Blog: Week Two

One word to describe this week was telling. With the addition of two new people, plus everyone becoming more comfortable I found out a lot about people’s personalities, lives, and crazy tendencies. I think our daily discussions our good bonding moments, and somewhat a relaxing environment for us to be ourselves. 


In the actual work part of the job, treehouse is just treehouse. Sometimes I lose motivation, but then I set goals to reach and that drives me. I don’t always reach those goals, but most times I come close. CSS has been interesting to learn about, my goal by the end of Monday is to be finished with it.


The most exciting part of the week was decorating our cubicles, everybody looks different, but I think everyone has an aesthetically pleasing cubicle. I lowkey want to know what the prize is, but then again I don’t care. 


Goal for next week:


  • Finish CSS

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