Grace’s Blog: Week Six

IM BACCCKKKK! This week has been fun, funny, and frustrating.  The speaker, the laughs shared, the various meetings, and building the website, have produced so many emotions, but in all, I can say I had a good week. This was my first full week back, so my sleep schedule was off, causing some tiredness at […]

Grace’s Blog: Week Five

Well, I’m back! This week was shorter than last, my first day back was today, but it was a very productive day. I’ll tell you about my vacation, then I’ll jump into the work stuff. Last week my family and I, traveled to New York for my graduation gift. While some people may say that […]

Grace’s Blog: Week Four

This week was somewhat short for me, I leave for New York on Wednesday, so I was only here Monday and Tuesday. For the majority of the days, we worked on our individual blog pages and learning how to navigate word press. I am pleased with my website, but it could use some improvement. Like […]

Grace’s Blog: Week One

The most enjoyable part of Empowered thus far has not necessarily been one experience, rather the people who are part of the program. Everyone allows them self to be vulnerable in learning such a difficult “language”, while also having fun. When we get a chance to talk, we learn more about each other, and it […]

Grace’s Blog: Week Two

One word to describe this week was telling. With the addition of two new people, plus everyone becoming more comfortable I found out a lot about people’s personalities, lives, and crazy tendencies. I think our daily discussions our good bonding moments, and somewhat a relaxing environment for us to be ourselves.    In the actual […]